Physics MS

Admission Requirements

The Department requires applicants to have adequate backgrounds in such areas as mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, optics, electronics, and modern physics. Students admitted to the program with deficiencies in these areas are required to take appropriate undergraduate courses. If necessary, a remedial program is determined in consultation with the department graduate studies director at the time of application for admission.

Degree Requirements

A student must complete 30 credit hours in graduate physics courses with at least 15 of these at the 5000 or 6000 level. Writing a thesis is optional. A maximum of six (3) credit hours of Research, PHYSICS 6490, may be counted toward the minimum 15 hours with (or without) the thesis option. Students must pass a comprehensive examination, which includes a defense of the thesis for students who have chosen to write one. A grade point average of 3.0 must be maintained during each academic year. Students must complete their degree program within 130 percent of the semester hour requirements for the degree. The requirements must be fulfilled within six years from the time of admission. Two-thirds of required graduate credit must be taken in residence. There is no foreign language requirement.

Typical Program

First Semester
PHYSICS: 6000 level and 4000, 5000 level course 6
Second Semester
PHYSICS: 6000 level and 4000, 5000 level course 6
Third Semester
PHYSICS: 6000 level and 4000, 5000 level course6
PHYSICS 6490Research3
Fourth Semester
PHYSICS: 6000 level and 4000 level course6
PHYSICS 6490Research3
Total Hours30