Social Justice in Education Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Social Justice is an 18 credit hour program. To earn a certificate, one must a) complete 6 credit hours in the Foundations Choice Sequence, b) complete 12 credit hours in the Elective Choice Sequences, and as a capstone c) submit during the final semester of the program, for review by a faculty panel, an artifact/assignment from a Certificate course together with a written reflection that articulates in what ways it represents one's learning to become more culturally competent and socially just.

Foundations Sequence6
Select 2 of 3 courses
Ecological Context of Urban Education
Examining History, Community and Social Justice in Education
Gender, Language and Identity
Social Justice Electives12
Select four courses from the list of electives. The elective courses are organized into three categories: Social Justice and Action, Diversity, and Culture and Context. You may select your electives from any or all categories.
Social Justice and Action Elective Courses
Counseling African American Clients
Counseling Sexual and Gender Minorities
Social Class and Poverty Issues In Counseling
Teacher Action, Advocacy and Leadership
Or other approved elective
Diversity Elective Courses
Foundations for Multicultural Counseling
Ecological Context of Urban Education 1
Introduction to Feminist and Gender Theory
Examining History, Community and Social Justice in Education 1
Gender, Language and Identity 1
Or other approved elective
Culture and Context Elective Courses
Counseling Individuals with Disabilities
ED ADM 6200
ED ADM 6203
Ecological Context of Urban Education
Discourse Analysis in Education
Technology and Privilege
Or other approved elective