Global Biodiversity Conservation and Leadership Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Global Biodiversity Conservation and Leadership is intended for students who wish to pursue a career in conservation biology or ecology from either a research or practical standpoint. Cooperating institutions include the Missouri Botanical Garden, the Saint Louis Zoo, the Center for International Studies at UMSL, and the Departments of Economics, History, and Political Science, and the Business School.


Graduate students enrolled in UMSL who intend to receive a Graduate Certificate in Global Biodiversity Conservation and Leadership must complete the Application for Graduate Certificate (G10) once completing the required coursework. Students not enrolled in a course of graduate studies at UMSL who have a baccalaureate degree or are enrolled in graduate work elsewhere must apply for admission to the UMSL Graduate School as graduate certificate-seeking students. The minimum admission requirements include: (1) completion of a baccalaureate degree and the prerequisites of the certificate program; 2) at least a 3.0 GPA for undergraduate course work or a 3.2 GPA for 12 credit hours of graduate course work. The minimum prerequisites are undergraduate courses in ecology, evolution and genetics.


The certificate is awarded after completion of 18 credit hours of core courses and electives with a minimum of 12 credits at the 5000 or 6000 level. Electives must include a minimum of 3 credits outside biology with a maximum of 7 outside biology. A maximum of 3 credits may be taken at institutions other than UMSL. Students may simultaneously earn a graduate degree and count credits earned in their degree program toward the certificate when appropriate.

Required Core Courses
BIOL 6250/POL SCI 6452Public Policy of Conservation and Sustainable Development3
BIOL 6299Internship in Conservation Biology2-4
BIOL 6222Advanced Tropical Ecology and Conservation3
or BIOL 6270 Advanced Global Climate Change
Population Biology
Ornithology Laboratory
Entomology Laboratory
Flowering Plant Families: Phylogeny and Diversification
Community Ecology
Advanced Population Biology
Applications of Geographic Information Systems
Advanced Tropical Ecology and Conservation
Advanced Global Climate Change
Graduate Seminar
The Economics of Government Spending and Taxation
Geospatial Analysis in the Social Sciences
Fundamentals of Cost-Benefit Analysis
Natural Resource Economics
Selected Topics in History
International Business
Entrepreneurship in the Global Environment
Political Science
Public and NonProfit Budgeting
Environmental Policy
Women and Leadership World-Wide: Breaking the Glass Ceiling
NonProfits, Civil Society and Volunteerism
International Political Economy
International Organizations and Global Problem-Solving
International Law
Political Economy and Public Policy
Total Hours18-20