Logistics and Supply Chain Management Graduate Certificate

Program Description

The Graduate Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management provides focused and intensive study of important topics in supply chain management including procurement, production, operations, logistics and transportation. Students first get introduced to the foundation and basic concepts of supply chain management. They then take in-depth studies into domain topics of global supply chain management, strategic sourcing and supply chain integration, in conjunction with analytical methodologies for various data-driven decision-making functions in supply chains, including facility location and layout, production planning, inventory control, scheduling and vehicle routing. The program is suitable for candidates with undergraduate or graduate education other than supply chain management. It is also suitable for professionals whose primary responsibility is in other business functions (e.g., finance, marketing, information system, accounting), but who wish to broaden their scope of knowledge and training in supply chains.

This 12 credit hour certificate program also counts toward MBA degree program with the Management, and Operations Management Emphasis.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet general University of Missouri-St. Louis Graduate School admissions requirements.

Certificate Requirements

All course prerequisites and all course waivers are applicable. Substitute courses may be approved by the appropriate department chairperson and the Director of Graduate Business Programs.

Required Course
SCMA 5310Supply Chain Strategies3
Supply Chain Management Course3
Choose one of the following courses:
Global Supply Chain Management
Strategic Sourcing
Supply Chain Integration
Supply Chain Analytics Course3
Choose one of the following courses:
Supply Chain and Operations Management
Business Logistics Systems
Supply Chain Modeling
An additional course chosen from the remaing Supply Chain Management and Supply Chain Analytics courses3
Total Hours12

The required and elective courses may be substituted with other courses with the approval of the Chair of Supply Chain & Analytics Department.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, certificate earners should be able to:

  • Interpret foundational concepts in supply chain management including procurement/sourcing, production, operations and logistics, across domain contexts such as global supply chain management, strategic sourcing and supply chain integration
  • Apply analytical methods for data-driven decision making in supply chain management