Nursing BSN

Freshman Guaranteed Clinical Criteria

Applicants to the nursing freshmen guaranteed clinical program will be holistically reviewed using criteria such as high school GPA, ACT test scores, a personal statement, an essay, extra-curricular activities, honors, award recognitions, leadership roles, work/volunteer experiences.

First-time freshmen and applicants with fewer than 24 transferable college credit hours from a regionally accredited college or university and who meet the following minimum criteria may earn a guaranteed clinical space in the Traditional Full-Time Option:

  • Admission to the University by completing the UMSL Undergraduate Application
  • Minimum ACT score of 24
  • Minimum high school GPA of 3.0 (as calculated by UMSL's Office of Admissions)
  • Complete the Traditional BSN Nursing Supplemental Application

Pre-Clinical Transfer Student Admission Criteria

Transfer students who meet the following minimum criteria are eligible to declare Nursing as their major. Such students must still apply competitively for a clinical space during their last semester of general education coursework (see Clinical Admission Criteria below).

  • Admission to the University by completing the UMSL Undergraduate Application 
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 (including all transferable courses)

Clinical Admission Criteria: Traditional Full-Time and Traditional Part-Time

  • Admission to the University by completing the UMSL Undergraduate Application
  • Complete the Traditional BSN Nursing Supplemental Application.
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 (including all transferable courses)
  • Satisfactory completion of all general education course requirements
  • Grade of B- or higher within 5 years of enrollment in the clinical major for the following courses: Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology I, Anatomy & Physiology II, Microbiology
  • Grade of C- or higher in all prerequisite courses except in the case of the above-listed science courses
Clinical spaces are awarded on a competitive and space-available basis for each admission
period. Admission to the UMSL and the College of Nursing (as a pre-clinical student)
does not guarantee admission into the clinical track of any of the Pre-Licensure BSN Options
(Traditional Full-Time, Traditional Part-Time, or Accelerated), unless a student is admitted to
the Traditional Full-Time Option under the Freshman Guaranteed Clinical Criteria (see above).

General Education Course Requirements

Nursing majors must complete all general education requirements of the university as outlined in this Bulletin.

As part of meeting the university's general education requirements, the prerequisite courses listed under 1) Natural science course work, 2) Behavioral and social science course work, 3) Information literacy, and 4) Humanities, must be completed prior to beginning the clinical track. See a curriculum planning guide for specific courses and proper sequencing.

1) Natural Science Courses
BIOL 1131Human Physiology and Anatomy I4
BIOL 1141Human Physiology and Anatomy II4
BIOL 1162General Microbiology3
CHEM 1052Chemistry for the Health Professions (MOTR CHEM 100) (or equivalent)4
2) Behavioral and Social Science Courses
ECON 1000Economics in Everyday Life (MOTR ECON 100) (or equivalent)3
PSYCH 1003General Psychology (MOTR PSYC 100)3
PSYCH 2268Lifespan Developmental Psychology (MOTR PSYC 200)3
3) Information literacy
MATH 1105Basic Probability and Statistics (or equivalent)3
4) Humanities
PHIL 2256Bioethics3

Nursing Pre-Major Courses 

NURSE 1000Cultural Diversity in Healthcare3
NURSE 1050Communication for the Healthcare Professional3
NURSE 2050Pathophysiology3
NURSE 2000Nutrition in Health3
Total Hours12

Nursing Major Courses

NURSE 3000Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Concepts Across the Lifespan3
NURSE 3010Foundations of Professional Practice3
NURSE 3020Fundamental Concepts of Nursing Care3
NURSE 3030Health Assessment Concepts3
NURSE 3040Concepts of Evidence-Based Practice3
NURSE 3050Concepts of Pharmacology3
NURSE 3060Behavioral Health Concepts5
NURSE 3070Concepts of Caring for Adults I5
NURSE 4010Concepts of Caring for Adults II5
NURSE 4020Concepts of Caring for Women and the Childbearing Family3
NURSE 4025Care of Women and Children Clinical2
NURSE 4030Concepts of Caring for Children and Families3
NURSE 4050Concepts of Community Focused Care5
NURSE 4060Synthesis of Concepts in Professional Nursing4
NURSE 4065Synthesis of Professional Practice Immersion Clinical4
NURSE elective3
Total Hours57

All undergraduate nursing students must have access to transportation to their clinical practice experiences. Students must provide their own transportation to and from clinical agencies, which may be scheduled throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area, including Jefferson County and Illinois. Students who must use public transportation must inform their Program Director. 

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (Pass/Fail) Grading
Undergraduate nursing majors may not take required prerequisite general education or nursing courses on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.

Credit by Transfer Examination

Credit may be granted for selected general studies. Please contact an advisor for information.   

Latin Honor Requirements

In accordance with the University's Latin Honors policy, candidates graduating from the College of Nursing in the 2020-2021 Academic Year must meet the following GPA qualifications:

Summa Cum Laude3.966
Magna Cum Laude3.891
Cum Laude3.751

Learning Outcomes

  • Integrate into practice theories and evidence-based concepts from nursing, the arts, sciences, and humanities to provide comprehensive nursing care in a variety of settings.
  • Integrate clinical reasoning and problem solving in professional practice.
  • Administer culturally competent, compassionate, holistic care to promote healthy outcomes for diverse individuals, families, communities, and populations during all life phases.
  • Use evidence-based practices to promote health, manage illness, and prevent injury among individuals, families, communities, and populations.
  • Utilize communication skills to enhance relationships with patients and families and collaboration among members of the health care team.
  • Assume responsibility and accountability for decisions and actions based on professional intrapersonal values, ethical and legal obligations, standards of practice, social justice, and economics.
  • Integrate principles of health education, management, leadership, quality care, and patient safety when organizing, coordinating, and engaging in professional practice.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of health care policies and finance in a regulatory environment and their influence on health care access and quality.
  • Exhibit motivation and self-direction in activities that contribute to lifelong personal, professional, and intellectual development.
  • Utilize health care technology and information management systems to promote quality care and patient safety.

BSN Traditional Full-Time Study Plan

 (for Students Admitted as Freshmen)

Students who were admitted prior to Fall 2018 should follow the plan from the year they were admitted. Four Year plans for each catalog year prior to Fall 2018 can be found in the Archives Section.

First Year
ENGL 11003BIOL 11314
MATH 10303CHEM 10524
BIOL 11023ECON 10003
PSYCH 10033NURSE 10503
NURSE 10003 
 15 14
Second Year
BIOL 11414NURSE 20503
BIOL 11623MATH 11053
PSYCH 22683PHIL 22563
NURSE 20003CORE: US History & Government3
EXPLORE: Humanities & Fine Arts3EXPLORE: Humanities & Fine Arts3
 16 15
Third Year
NURSE 30003NURSE 30705
NURSE 30103NURSE 30503
NURSE 30203NURSE 30605
NURSE 30303ENGL 31003
NURSE 30403 
 15 16
Fourth Year
NURSE 40105NURSE 40604
NURSE 40203NURSE 40654
NURSE 40303NURSE 40505
NURSE 40252 
Nursing Elective3 
 16 13
Total Hours: 120

PLEASE NOTE: This plan is an example of what an academic plan could look like for a typical student. Placement exam scores in math as well as the completion of coursework may change the plan. It should not be used in the place of regular academic advising appointments. All students are encouraged to meet with their advisor. All requirements are subject to change. 

BSN Traditional Part-Time Study Plan

This plan assumes that a student has completed all prerequisites for admission.

First Year
Prerequisite courses added54NURSE 31103NURSE 31113
NURSE 21012NURSE 31064ENGL 11003
NURSE 21033  
NURSE 21053  
 62 7 6
Second Year
NURSE 31016NURSE 32055NURSE 32144
 NURSE 38173NURSE 38073
 6 8 7
Third Year
NURSE 32065NURSE 32154NURSE 38082
NURSE 38043NURSE 32164NURSE 43004
 8 8 6
Fourth Year
NURSE 43106  
Nursing elective (optional)   
Total Hours: 124