Local Government Management Graduate Certificate


The Graduate Certificate in Local Government Management requires the completion of 18 credit hours. Twelve of these are the following core courses:

P P ADM 6180Governmental Budgeting and Financial Control3
P P ADM 6340Seminar in City Administration3
or P P ADM 6350 Issues in Urban Management
P P ADM 6490Human Resources in the Public Sector3
POL SCI 6470Proseminar in Urban Politics3
or POL SCI 6471 Seminar in Urban Politics
Total Hours12

Three hours of electives are to be taken from selected courses in business administration, criminal justice, economics, political science, and public policy administration. A student may choose among these courses or other courses approved by the program director. Electives will be chosen from the following course list:

Select one of the following: 13
Communities and Crime
Geospatial Analysis in the Social Sciences
ECON 5700
Proseminar in Urban Politics
Seminar in Urban Politics
Leadership and Management in Nonprofit Organizations
Seminar in City Administration
Issues in Urban Management
Proseminar in Public Administration
Urban and Regional Planning and Public Policy
Managing People in Organizations
Negotiating Workplace Conflict
Total Hours3

Three hours of internship are also required but may be waived if the student has sufficient professional experience in the field. Any request for an exemption from the internship requirement must be submitted in writing and approved by the local government program director after a review of the student’s professional or managerial field experience. Students who receive an exemption must take another three hours of electives from courses listed above.

Requirements for admission to the graduate certificate program include an undergraduate degree and a GPA of 3.0 or better. Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation. At least one of the letters should be from a current or former college-level instructor. Applicants must submit a two-page personal statement explaining how the certificate program fits in with the applicant’s educational and professional goals. The letters and the personal statement should be sent directly to the Public Policy Administration Program.