English Minor

Minor in English

Students minoring in English may choose to specialize in literature, language and writing, or creative writing. Alternatively, students may choose a mixture of courses and remain generalists.

The minor will include a total of 18 hours of required English courses, exclusive of first-year composition and junior-level writing:

  • One 2000-level core curriculum course in each of the following areas: one in literature, one in writing and language, and one in creative writing.
  • Nine more hours of English courses of the student’s choosing. At least three of those hours must be at the 4000 level.

Learning Outcomes

English Minor Graduates Will Be Able To:

  • Demonstrate a knowledge that what counts as text is broader than traditionally assumed
  • Interpret and compose for numerous contexts
  • Demonstrate knowledge about audience and apply that understanding in shaping texts
  • Compose purposeful texts
  • Exhibit the ability to practice revision processes
  • Make use of correct grammar and writing mechanics when rhetorically appropriate
  • Engage with sources
  • Analyze texts
  • Develop and propose claims about texts
  • Respond to texts with originality and purpose
  • Contribute to scholarly and public conversations
  • View the world from varied perspectives and evidence-based positions
  • Apply skills and knowledge from the minor into their major course of study
  • Discuss texts thoughtfully, inside and outside of classrooms
  • Listen to others and synthesize perspectives when discussing texts