Elementary Mathematics Specialist Graduate Certificate

The Elementary Mathematics Specialist (Grades 1-6) certificate recognizes teachers with special training and expertise in mathematics content at the elementary school level. The program includes online courses and school-based internships. This program is designed for full-time classroom teachers.

Note: For those candidates who wish to pursue a Master’s degree in Education, the M.Ed. can be earned using 18 of the credit hours required for the Elementary Math Specialist Certificate and 12 hours of additional coursework at the graduate level as required by the UMSL College of Education.

To be recommended for Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Elementary Math Specialist Certification (Grades 1-6), teachers must have a valid Missouri teacher’s certificate, two years of appropriate classroom teaching experience as determined by DESE, and successful completion of any required DESE assessments.

Required Coursework
Mathematics Content and Pedagogy
TCH ED 6271Teaching and Learning of Number and Operations from an Advanced Perspective3
TCH ED 6272Teaching and Learning Rational Numbers from an Advanced Perspective3
TCH ED 6273Geometry and Measurement for Elementary Mathematics Specialists3
TCH ED 6274Algebraic Reasoning for Elementary Mathematics Specialists3
TCH ED 6281Internship - Number and Operations in Elementary Schools1-2
TCH ED 6282Internship - Rational Numbers in Elementary Schools1-2
TCH ED 6283Internship-Geometry/Measurement in Elementary Schools1-2
TCH ED 6284Internship-Algebraic Reasoning in Elementary Schools1-2
TCH ED 6276Data and Probability for Elementary Mathematics Specialists3
Leadership Development in Mathematics
TCH ED 6277Foundations of Mathematics Leadership for Elementary Mathematics Specialists2
TCH ED 6278Mathematical Leadership for Elementary Schools Advanced3
Total Hours24-28