Adult and Higher Education MEd, Higher Education Emphasis

Admission Requirements

This degree program follows the policies of The College of Education and the Graduate School relating to admissions, academic standards, residency, transfer credit, time limitations, and thesis options (see Graduate Study in the Bulletin). The minimum number of hours required for the M.Ed. degree is 32 credit hours.

Education Requirements

Foundation Courses
Select a course focusing on the learner from the following:3
The Adult Learner
The College Student
Select a course in historical foundations from the following:3
History of Adult Education
History and Philosophy of American Higher Education
Select a course on the improvement of instruction from the following:3
Improvement of Instruction in Adult Education
Curriculum in Higher Education
Teaching For Learning In The University
Select one of the following:3-6
Philosophical Foundations of Adult Education
and Curriculum Theory and Development in Adult Education 1
Organization and Administration of Higher Education
Adult and Higher Education Electives
Select a minimum of 12 hours from the following:12
Adult Learning and Development
Survey of Adult Distance Education
Multicultural Issues in Adult Education
Assessment In The Adult Classroom 3
Developing Intercultural Competence
Survey of Human Resource Development and Adult Education
Teaching In The Community College
Directed Readings in Adult Learning
Problems in Adult Education
Seminar in Adult Education Research
Current Issues in Higher Education
Student Affairs Administration
Financial Issues in Higher Education
Governance of Higher Education
Legal Issues in Student Affairs
Ethics in Higher Education Administration
Policy Analysis of Higher Education
The Community College
Administration of Adult and Community Education
Programming in Community and Adult Education
Educational Psychology
Selection and Utilization of Educational Multimedia
Teaching and Learning with Technology: Graphical Representational Tools
Computer-Mediated Communication in Education
Distance Learning via Networks and Telecommunications
Educational Multimedia Design
Instructional Video Production
Research Course(s)
Select 3-6 hours from the following:3-6
Classroom Measurement and Evaluation
ED REM 6709
Educational and Psychological Measurement 3
Educational Research Methods and Design 2
Exit Requirement
Select one of the following taken during the last 9 semester hours of the program:3
Internship (3 credit hours)
Total Hours32