Music Education MME

Master of Music Education

The master of music education degree is designed to enable music specialists in grades K-12 to pursue continued professional growth in an emphasis area of their choice.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the program requires a bachelor of music in music education (or equivalent) degree, admission to the Graduate School, and two letters of recommendation.  Student should also submit a resume, a statement of purpose, and a 20 - 30 minute video of their teaching directly to the Director of the MME program.

The program requires completion of 30 hours of graduate credit, 20 of which must be earned in residence.

Required Courses and Options:

The minimum 30-hour program includes the following requirements.

Music Education Core (12 credit hours)
MUS ED 5810Foundations of Music Education3
MUS ED 5830Contemporary Music Education3
MUS ED 5910Music Education Research3
MUS ED 5990Master's Project in Music Education3
Music Education Electives (6 credits from following)
MUS ED 5060Graduate Workshop in Music Education1-5
MUS ED 5510Graduate Instrumental Methods3
MUS ED 5610Graduate Choral Methods3
MUS ED 5620Guitar in the Classroom3
MUS ED 5710General Music: A Model for Multi-Faceted Learning3
MUS ED 5840Teaching Music in an Urban Setting3
MUS ED 5920Psychology of Music3
PDGOGY 5110Graduate Jazz Pedagogy3
PRACTM 5210Graduate Conducting3
THRY COM 5110Scoring and Arranging3
Education Electives (6 credits from the following) 1
ED TECH 5301Introduction to Computers and the Internet in Education3
ED TECH 5340Selection and Utilization of Educational Multimedia3
ED PSY 6030Instruction, Learning and Assessment3
ED PSY 6109Learning and Development in Secondary School Settings4
ED PSY 6111Educational Psychology3
ED REM 6707Classroom Measurement and Evaluation3
ED REM 6710Educational Research Methods and Design3
ED REM 6716Academic Assessment and Intervention3
SPEC ED 6345Characteristics and Education of Students with High-Incidence Disabilities3
SPEC ED 6412Psychology of Exceptional Children3
SEC ED 6415Curriculum Leadership in Education3
TCH ED 5312Teaching Reading in the Content Areas4
TCH ED 6010Examining History, Community and Social Justice in Education3
TCH ED 6020Teacher Action, Advocacy and Leadership3
Free Electives (6 credits from the following) 2
AP MUS 5430Special Applied Studies 31
AP MUS 5440Graduate Applied Music 31
EN PER 5310Graduate Chamber Ensemble 31
EN PER 5490Graduate Ensemble 31
MUS ED 5750Computer Applications in Music Education3
MUS ED 57603
MUS ED 57703
MUS ED 58003