Biology BS/MS Dual Degree Program

BS/MS Dual Degree Program in Biology

The BS/MS ("2+3") Biology program is an accelerated program that allows students of appropriate academic ability and maturity to complete both a BS and a MS in Biology in five years of full time study. The program allows students to apply 12 of the 30 MS credit hours towards the BS (per the approval of the College of Arts and Sciences), reducing the overall required hours for the two degrees. Students will pay graduate credit hour tuition for all courses applied to the graduate degree. All other requirements for the BS and MS degrees remain in effect.

Admission Requirements

Students interested in this program must go through a two-step admission process. First, applicants for Provisional Status must have completed all courses in the biology, chemistry, math and physics cores of the BS Biology program. Applicants should have completed all of the general education requirements. Applicants must also have a minimum GPA of 3.0 (both overall and in science courses) and must submit at least two letters of recommendation (one instructor and one academic advisor is recommended). The second step of the admission process is the transition from Provisional status to formal graduate status. Admission requirements for formal graduate status are the same as for the traditional MS program.

Awarding of Degrees

Both degrees (the BS and MS) will be awarded when all requirements for the entire program have been completed. In other words, the BS and MS degrees will be simultaneously awarded at the completion of study. Students who officially withdraw from the BS/MS Dual Biology Degree Program and who have successfully completed all of the requirements for the BS degree will be awarded the BS degree.